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        Electronic shaft rotograuvre printing machine

        Electronic shaft rotograuvre printing machine
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        Functions and characteristics of Ruiguang electronic shaft rotograuvre printing machine

        Of brand electronic shaft driving the gravure printing machine is a high technological content of a new generation of sophisticated equipment, its innovative point is that it has a unique technology, the performance is as follows: the whole machine for the drum type base material (such as plastic film, paper, etc.), high performance without a shaft (electronic axis) combined, can also apply to water-based ink and solvent-based printing ink, printing preparation time is short, fast startup, rapid and accurate pre set, printing speed stability, high accuracy, high product quality, low residual solvents (use of solvent-based inks), low noise, can be significant energy saving, and many other advantages. It can complete the high-precision AC servo drive and control system of plastic film or paper coil at one time, independent servo motor drives the plate roller to run synchronously and complete the longitudinal color register function, reduce the length of the empty material route between the units and the time of paper passing, which is conducive to accurate overprinting. The unique version of the roller drive and phase compensation calculation, horizontal automatic budget algorithm in acceleration and deceleration mode can also obtain qualified registration. The color group waste discharge device reduces the harm of solvent to human body. The ink circulation is closed ink-pouring or frequency conversion ink-transferring. The drying waste heat is recycled through the double-flow plate-tooth heat exchange system.

        Ruiguang electronic shaft drive gravure printing press has achieved a major breakthrough in the printing technology of Chinese gravure printing press, and marks the manufacturing capacity of high-speed electronic shaft (shafless) drive gravure printing equipment in China, which has approached and reached the world's advanced level.

        At present, Ruiguang electronic shaft gravure printing machine has been widely used in the high-end market of printing flexible packaging industry with its advantages of high speed, precision and high rate of return.

        The main difference between the mechanical shaft and the electronic shaft of a gravure press is the color set. The mechanical shaft is aligned by a hundred precision ball screw. Each color set of the electronic shaft is driven by a servo motor to drive the plate and the servo motor completes the nesting function; The electronic axis is recommended because each color set of the electronic axis has a servo motor, so it also has the function of secondary alignment. And the electron axis factor is faster.

        This machine is suitable for multi-color continuous printing of BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, web and other coiled film materials with excellent printing performance. It is widely used in all kinds of high quality printing

        I. Main technical parameters

        1. Flow direction: from right to left

        2. Printing color number: 6 colors

        3. Upper limit of substrate width: 1030mm

        4. Upper limit printing width: 1000mm

        5. Upper mechanical speed: 200m/min

        6. Upper limit printing speed: 50-180m/min(depending on the material)

        7. Upper limit unwinding diameter: 600mm

        8. Upper rewinding diameter: 600mm

        9. Inside diameter of rewinding and rewinding paper tube: 76

        10, printing plate roller diameter: 120mm ~ 350mm

        11. Printing plate roller length: 400mm ~ 1000mm

        12. Color registration accuracy: longitudinal ≤±0.10mm (tracking by automatic registration system)

        Transverse ≤±0.10mm (manual alignment)

        13. Tension setting range and precision: 3 ~ 25kg ±0.5kg

        14. Scraping knife channeling: ±5mm

        15. Heating method: electric heating

        16. Drying temperature: the upper limit of temperature rise is 100℃

        17. Drying power: 132KW (6× 22KW)

        18. Total power of machine: 180KW

        19. Weight of the machine: about 20000kg

        20. External dimension: L13000mm×W2900mm×H3200mm

        II. Suitable for printing base material

        OPP 15 ~ 60 microns

        CPP 15 ~ 60 microns

        BOPP 15 ~ 60 microns

        PET 12 ~ 60 microns

        Cellophane 20 ~ 30 m

        Nylon membrane 15 ~ 60 m

        Paper 30 ~ 80g/m2

        Aluminum foil or 20 microns

        And other films that have the same properties as the upper material

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