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        Company culture

        一、Enterprise Mission: Cheng Zhong face the user, to create Ruiguang brand.

        二、The spirit of enterprise: people - oriented, scientific and technological innovation.

        三、Business philosophy: integrity management, customer first.

        四、Work requirements: pragmatic, active, harmonious and efficient.

        五、Quality: scientific management, excellence.

        六、Code of Conduct: Dedicated love, dedicated.

        七、Work style: hard work, practical life.

        八、Talent view: respect for knowledge, only is the move.

        九、Solidarity: mutual tolerance and sincere cooperation.

        十、Enterprise goals: to build China's printing machinery industry's first-class enterprises.


        If you have any product questions or suggestions, or you want to know, you can contact us at any time.

        Contact us

        • Building 2, Jingye Road, Sanqiao, Dongshan Economic Development Zone, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province
        • 13396778787 15355956668
        • 0577-65167588
        • 0577-65161388
        • rg@rgyj.net